So you want your music on our station huh?
(This is for DJS who want their music feature or streaming on this site)
If you are just a registered member, dont worry, you still have full access.

With us you have options. we like to have our Djs do their shows LIVE but if you cant make the time weekly or monthly, we've worked something out for you below. Feel free to ( Contact Us ) about any of it. All prices below are of a MONTHLY subscription fee.

Standard Streaming DJ $5/m
  • No Live Stream
  • 1 Monthly Submission
  • Grouped Podcast Submission
  • Artwork Submission
  • 1 Mixes in Database per/mo
  • User Profile Management
Live Streaming Dj $15/m
  • Live Streaming Access (Audio)
  • Live Streaming Access (Video)
  • 4 Monthly Submissions
  • Your Podcast on (iTunes / Stitcher / TuneIn)
  • Artwork Submission
  • 4 Mixes in Database per/mo
  • User Profile Management
  • Photos & Videos Gallery
  • Organic User Groups
  • Events Management / Promotion
  • Listed in Downloads Category
Basic Registered Memeber $0
  • You
  • Guys
  • Get
  • To
  • Use
  • The
  • Entire
  • Website
  • For
  • Free
  • You're
  • Welcome

Frequently Asked Questions


How do i stream to your server?

We will provide all the apps / programs to you.

Is my music protected?

Yes. We keep a backup of the back-up. And any audio you have created is safe-guarded OFF of our server. It does not exist in the same server as our website.

How long can i stream for?

We like a good solid 2 hour show but if you can only do it for 1 hour at a time, thats fine. You are allowed to do it ONCE a week.

Do you play commercials over my music?

No! We dont even play commercials over our own music.

Amy other questions, please use the Dj Support Group.