Trance Unites Us - Liqid - January 2nd 2010

Dj Liqid Touch and Nick Diablo present an old BANGER of a show. Trance Unites Us is a once a month community experience in Trance Music that brings together our #TranceFamily. Comment below to bring this show back to life!

We need to shoutout all the locations that JUMPED onto the stream to tune into this special broadcast:

Falkenstein - Germany

Newark - New Jersey

Klein- Texas

Manitoba - Canada

İstanbul - Turkey

New York, New York

Miami, Florida

Boston, Massachusetts

Charleston, South Carolina

Baltimore, Maryland

Bethesda, Maryland

Toulouse, France

Bordeaux, France

Lower Saxony, Germany

Genoa, Italy

Trieste. Italy

Terni, Italy

If you were in one of these cities let us know in the comments below.

If your city wasnt name but you were tuned in, go ahead and LET US KNOW!!!!

I have to deeply apologize as i have lost the tracklist for this show but that doesnt mean you cant download the show and tracklist it yourself below. Go ahead. Lets see whos got enough skill on this one!!

Trance Unites Us was a very popular show I (Dj Liqid Touch) used to do along side of Dj Nick Diablo almost 10 years ago and the music from these shows still stand very strong. And what better way to describe the show than with its own title "Trance Unites Us"

Im happy to bring this show to you and really hope you enjoy it. There are more episodes so make sure to follow this blog and and website for updates on other previous shows made available.

With enough of you supporting it in the comments, ill be more than happy to RE-START THIS SHOW monthly


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