Denise is offering you a free VST bitcrushing plugin, and a big brother that bites even harder

bit-crusher Bit Crusher

 Those with an appetite for sonic destruction can choose from two options

 Denise audio has expanded its plugin roster with two new bit crushers, one of which - My Crush - is free. Bite Harder, its big brother, adds more features, including extra drive, effects, parameter controls and a push-pull graph that enables you to target specific frequency ranges.

Both plugins use the same bit-crushing algorithm, with My Crush offering a simplified control set that's designed to put you on the fast track to audio destruction.

You still get some parameters to play with, though - such as resample dials and a stutter fader - along with presets from both Denise and producer Florian Meindl.

Check out the INTRO VIDEO Right here.

Bite Harder is designed for those who want to take things to the next level. The Drive control can add even more dirt to proceedings, and there's an extra ring modulator for creating glitchy effects. An extra stage of clipping and sidechain capabilities are part of the deal, too. 

My Crush and Bite Harder are available now from the Denise website, with both running on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. My Crush is free for anyone who signs up to the Denise newsletter, while Bite Harder is currently available for the introductory price of €14.90 (regular price €24). 

Check out the test video for BIT HARDER right here. If you want to snag it, just follow the links for My Crush and Bite Harder.

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