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Antifmradio affiliate marketing program

Welcome to the affiliates program.
Are you a content creator, publisher and blogger? Want to monetize your followers and turn them into some money on that #SideHustle?

We cater to EDM Culture and maintain products in our store that's fit for them. For all the people that follow Djs, EDM Fashion, Festivals, Custom Graphics, Producer Technology and just a little bit more.

We carry Leggins, Croptops, Graphic Tees, Fitness wear, Mixer Consoles, Goth Gear, Remix Equipment, and everything between for Men AND Women.



How It Works

We add new products every day and we can't push them all.
That's where you come in.

Find products

You choose the product you think you can push or choose them all.

Free of inventory

You dont have to order samples, or do any shipping. We do it all for you. You never have to handle the items. Well, unless you want some for yourself =-)

Free of packaging

We handle shipping. You just sell it.

It sounds really easy!

Yea, i know right? You literally just give people your coupon code and they do the shopping. We pay you weekly for each item purchsed with your code.

How do i get started?

How do i get started?

Click up there where it says DO IT NOW!
How do I qualify?

How do I qualify?

You need to have one or all of the following: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (Other social media platform) and have people who follow you.
How much do I earn?

How much do I earn?

Straight forward: We give you your own UNLIMITED coupon code which you let your clients know to use. When they use it, their shipping is free. Also when they use it, you get $3.00 for each item they purchase.
Do the earnings work by percentage?

Do the earnings work by percentage?

Absolutely NOT! It doesnt matter if the customer buys ONE item with your coupon or 100 items with your coupon. You earn $3.00 for EACH item they purchase. It has nothing to do with the total dollar sale of the order.


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