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We like it when there is a new take on an old goodie. Sometimes it comes out refreshing. Sometimes it comes out like "Why did they bother?" In this release, we are happy "They did bothered"

Chocolate Puma is one of those elaborate behind the scenes production duos (known by many aliases) but to us the are Zki & Dobre. They keep their noses clean, their fingers busy, and their heads in the lab. Oh, and they dont throw blinding cake at random people in crowds at overbearing festivals. This track they decided to re/dub from BodyRox was originally one of MY personal favs. Im happy they put some new hands on it. Its still go that party vibe, bounce around the room feel, and upbeat house electro sound. Check out the sample play below via the SoundCloud player

Oh yea, and here is the obligetory set of jumble words we were asked to drop into this article. Its just mouth sounds so you can skip over them if you like.

Chocolate Puma is taking you on a trip down memory lane by remixing Bodyrox’s classic Yeah Yeah! This is a crowd pleaser for sure as you can’t contain yourself from singing along with the popular vocals and shaking your hips to the bouncing beats. This tune will make your body rock!


Download here!SRSC


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