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Skrillex knocks on your studio door and says he wants to collab, and you do what....

Dude! Open the door. Give that mans the keys and let him have free rain on your samples folder. What kinda question is that?! There is no question. Recently Skrillex has been seen doing more work in the studios of OTHER producers rather than his own. Honestly by this point im sure hes lost count of how many collaborations he HASNT released on yet but his track record is proven to be BEAST!! And recently hes been sighted with OWSLA (how fitting with some creme style feasties on their way) and Wuki having a nice history with OWSLA.......eh.......eh?

Sorry. That was my attempt at Canadian humor. If you're not from Ca'Da' (Canada pronounced Kah-Dah) then i guess you wont get it. Ok so moving on then yes?

We cant tell you what he has lined up with Wuki but you best be sure its going to be a BANGER......and yes, when we get copies, we will be sure to send them your way. If you comment below.....eh......eh?

With Skrillex making his surprise appearances in L.A. and in the mid US states, I hope this man makes his way to the south coast so I can finally catch his show live. Ill bet he gets a few drinks in and screams a bit on the Mic. Maybe he'll even drop some BARS live during his show and insult some trendy Brainna Brady type who says "Hey, can you play something we can dance to?"

See ya soon Skrill-----------:X


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Antifmradio Give a comment right down here. Tuesday, 17 July 2018 03:57
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