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Each year that bullshit TOP 100 DJS comes out. Who-TF cares. If you want to talk about a popularity contest then lets talk about POPULAR for real. Like, what is the most popular music genre that people are searching for. Here we setup a list of just that.

With so much talk right now about SoundCloud and how people have been jumping ship for a while, it turns more eyes in the direction of their arch rival (arch? now im thinking Spy vs Spy). The biggest rival similar entity to a company like that would be "MixCloud" and in today's article, their stats were instrumental in letting us know what music genre is being sought after the most. Lets start from the top and work our way down a bit.


While HIP HOP is at the top of the list, im pretty sure we cant really classify this as true HIP HOP. Im pretty sure what people are searching for, is that common every half hour radio play garbage where dudes and dudettes are using jibberish over half qualified beats so they [ the mixcloud users] can just rip the audio as it streams into their speakers.


Closely followed by Deep House, probably the second worst run of the mill "FADs" to hit the music scene, launching and entire generation of bandwagon house heads (if we can call them that) is next up. I have been attempting to listen to Deep House since it became "the new thing" but honestly, i have yet to find just a single track that was worth inhaling clean air to. I just cant get into any of it in the least. And even though i have my reservations about it, i tried dropping it into the Antifmradio.com stations airplay. Would you believe that each time a Deep House track came on, a majority of the people tuned in, tuned out....... no surprise right? Hence why you wont find any in our database.

Bass House

I have to say, this little genre strikes with a major left hook. In its somewhat short existence, it has taken on quite a few advances and changes, and im very happy to see its progression. Its popularity im sure is due to the inception of dubstep sounds in many of its newer releases. Again, while some of the listeners will be those same bandwagon point and clickers, that doesnt mean this people dont know how to party. These producers are on point and this genre is moving quick. Its going to be around for a long time.........because.........it already has been. Think back to the 90s when we were buying CDs with BASS MUSIC on them and the sounds were built to rock our car stereos to their maximum. This is where this comes from.

Tropical House

Remember this one? I think it was that summer where EVERYONE turned into music hippies, for two summers, but hey, hand hearts and for realzies was that way right? Lets keep this short about tropical house, about as short as its life space in the main stream that is. Hawaii is the ONLY majority figure searching for Tropical House and its fine, they can keep it. See......nice and short.


Ok so how about this. Let us know what area you are from and what YOU think is the most searched genre in your area. Let see how things list up in the comments.


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Antifmradio Lets discuss. Is it me or is eff stone a hip-hop dj now? Tuesday, 01 May 2018 02:41
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