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We dont want Perfect Dj Mixes

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Back from a long overdue vacation and plenty of sight seeing around the southwest, Dj Liqid Returns to the studio to start up the madness. With a new driven feel for some EPIC sounds in the recent releases of powerful vocal trance tracks,

we just straight into that average 140 BPM set of tracks ready to keep you RUNNIN. Keep it locked as we return to the HOUR OF TOAST (Cheers) and announcements of some new styles of music for the upcoming weeks.

Heres the tracklist and download link:

Download Here

Dj Liqid Touch -    Hardfloor intro
Brian Magix & Cynthia Hall -    Carved In Stone (Original Mix)
Allen Watts -    Break Without The Pain (Original Mix)
Fenna Day -    What Makes Your Heart Beat (Club Mix)
Sean Mathews -    Rise Again (Extended Mix)
Denis Sender & DJ T.H. feat. Cari -    I Found You (Derek Palmer Radio Edit)
Somna -    Story Untold (Cold Rush & Steve Allen Remix)
David Forbes feat. Emma Gilles -    Shadows (Cold Blue Remix)
Nitrous Oxide feat. Maria Nayler -    The Beauty Of The Night
Dan Stone feat. Victoriya -    I Can't Tell (Extended Mix)
A & Z feat. Leolani -    Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Moonlight Tunes -    Feel The Eathquake (Original Mix)
Tau-Rine feat. Alaera -    In The Memory (Original Mix)
Andre Visior & DJ T.H. feat. Kimberly Hale -    My Redemption (Radio Edit)
Andy Moor, Michele C -    We Can Be Free (Evan Pearce Remix)
Phynn & Tiff Lacey -    Try Again (Original Mix)
Ben Gold & Standerwick vs. Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin -    Fool For Vindicta (AmirRizzlan Mashup)
Phillip J feat. Kim Casandra -    The Rest Of Me (Extended Mix)
Ana Criado -    Border Line (Original Mix)
Sunset feat. Jess Morgan -    The Gift Of Giving (Extended Mix)
Raz Nitzan, Moya Brennan -    Find The Sun (Myde Extended Mix)
MaRLo feat. Emma Chatt -    Leave My Hand (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Andre Visior & DJ T.H. feat. Kimberly Hale -    My Redemption (Extended Mix)
Dj Liqid Touch -    The Hardfloor Outro

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