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Apparently Megalodon and Leo Black have a thing for Beyonce, Yachty, and Kehlani. Or at least they want to mashup a new corpse Frankenstein thingy that looks like "it" and then.....

they want to Buss all over it. Ok lets listen to the new track and see whats going on.. 
Just released via "Never Say Die Black Label" is a new track from Leo Black and Megalodon. That track called Buss-It, is a new taste with an older flavor. We've seen over the decade how genres will speed up the tempo on its tracks and get a bit more vicious with fills, and plenty of post production excitement. This track however goes back to the original err- style of Dubstep and Riddim. Dropping down from the recent common 150bpm to a gracious 140bpm (which in my book is pretty substantial). Starting out with what some call "Eastern strings" actually lets call it melodic ethereal strings, because i hear nothing Eastern about them but they do have a slight distortion. Not sure if that was intentional or not.  Nicely reverbed and jumpin straight into that head banging choppy gr-eye-mi sound youd expect from this duo, this is a really nice piece to use of 3 minutes and 44 seconds of your time. 

Personally Im not too partial on the chant / chorus / repeat vocals, but then again, i dont want MTV or the E Network.

What do you think they should have used as the vocals? Let us know below.

"Buss It" by Megalodon and Leo Black is OUT NOW on NSD:Black Label! Buy/Stream: Follow Megalodon: @megalodon Follow Leo Black: @leoblxk Follow NSD:Black Label:


djliqidtouch Im lovin the Review on this one. Wait till you hear it via the new Podcast Sunday, 27 May 2018 22:03
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