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A dusty and fabulously deep MPC jam for the ages from the man Alphonse Rozel, debuting here on Hypercolour, following some truly magical moments on Berlin's Klasse Wrecks and Emotional Response offshoot [Emotional] Especial.'Better Weather' is a bumpy, endlessly blissful groove, with high, hanging strings, warm, gated synths and a soulful vocal from Rev Be. With supreme confidence, there's just three mixes of the same track here, the emotive 'Abyss Version' perhaps edging it by a nose. Proper business.

Hagan-'Ashanti Riddim'-Push & Run

This might not really be the time or the place, but this is a public plea to whomever it was that made those red, Trump campaign style baseball caps with the slogan ‘MAKE UK FUNKY AGAIN’ on: please please please send me one. This rollicking cut from newcomer Hagan channels a whole lot of that sweet spot UK funky, that went hard in the bass riffs and had that super infectious skip to it. Listening to it made me remember everything.

Rui Ho-'Becoming Is An Eventful Situation'-Objects Limited

Just a heads up, there is some instrumental synth music on here, so one must, of course, *insert a shortsighted Bladerunner soundtrack reference here* before they can begin. Chinese producer Ho’s five original tracks blend some of her native country’s melodic stylings with the cavernous internal washes of what sound like big wanton synthesisers producing some of the most genuinely arresting ‘ambient’ passages I’ve heard in ages. Like some of the most enlightening weightless grime melodies broadcast in widescreen.

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Antifmradio We do need more grime in the world Thursday, 03 May 2018 02:45
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