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We dont want Perfect Dj Mixes...

Honestly i cant stand it when a dj says they are EDITING their mix after its already completed. WTF man? If you need to edit it after then you need mo...

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Apparently Megalodon and Leo Black have a thing for Beyonce, Yachty, and Kehlani. Or at least they want to mashup a new corpse Frankenstein thingy tha...

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The end ofa "Shure" thing. Shure cartridges are ab...

Shure, the American-based audio products company, is one of the few DJ brands that seemed to stand the test of time – and of the challenges of selling...

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T In The Park 2015 Live Sets
Released July 2015
Format Dj Mix
Type Dj MIx
Added on Thursday, 24 September 2015
Genre House
Length 4:00:00
Edition date 2015
Tags Dance


T in the Park 2015 was a three-day music festival which took place between 10–13 July 2015 and was held at Strathallan Castle for the first time, which is 20 miles away from is previous location at the disused Balado airfield, Kinross-shire. It hit the news on several occasions including when supporters of the event said that the generation of income outweighed any local concerns about the impact on local wildlife, one man died, another man was assaulted with a bottle which apparently merited being uploaded to Facebook, traffic control was chaotic and great music acts attended.

T In The Park 2015 Live Sets

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