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Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes...

Many DJs think they need to be a celebrity, have a label, or major backing to get their music onto iTunes. Not so! Even though some people find out ho...

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1/2 of Daft Punk doesnt like Electronic music...

Recently on an episode of popular music podcast Song Exploder, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler dove into the making of the band’s 2017 album Everythin...

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We dont want Perfect Dj Mixes...

Honestly i cant stand it when a dj says they are EDITING their mix after its already completed. WTF man? If you need to edit it after then you need mo...

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089 - Tech House BITZ
Released August 2017
Format Dj Mix
Type Dj MIx
Added on Sunday, 27 August 2017
Genre Tech House
Length 1:59:21
Edition date 2017
Country United States
Label THF
Catalog Number THF089


This week we took on a new recruit. A new addition to the show named "Skittle B.I.T.Z." Shes now our show announcer and will be getting MUCH air time as she gets you track info, event info, and the latest EDM News titles in play. This weeks show is a smashery of deep house / Tech House / and some smooth elegant vocals. With a few special releases in the tracklist by Lane8 off his latest creation "Mood of Mind" and a rebirth track from Age of Love. Skittle BITZ has more in store as she returns for follow up shows so dont miss out.

089 - Tech House BITZ

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