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Steinberg Launches UR-RT Premium Audio Interfaces...

The creator of Cubase joins forces with legendary Neve. German company Steinberg, maker of DAW Cubase, has announced their new premium line of audio i...

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Nucleya: India’s Dubstep Dazzler Is Killing It...

One of the early proponents of dub step in India, in five short years, Nucleya has emerged as one of the most exciting, ...

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Dj Liqid Touch - The Playlist 004...

This week we drop in a double hit of CamelPhat, new digs from Marshmello, and something sweet for our AnjunaDeep Family ...

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 The Hardfloor 078 Bitch Im Back
Released June 2016
Format Dj Mix
Type Dj MIx
Added on Monday, 13 June 2016
Genre House
Length 1:55:54
Edition date June 2016
Country United States
Label THF
Catalog Number 078
Edition details Bitch Im Back
Tags Trance


1 Joseph Gaex -    Hoverline (Original Mix)
2 Xavi Deck -    Do It (Original Mix)
3 Joseph Gaex -    Zoomusic (Original Mix)
4 DJ Shu-Ma -    Drop The Beat (Original Mix)
5 Dj Diego Rojas -    Naked Soul ( House Version ) (Original Mix)
6 Dj Jose Garcia -    Wuau (Original Mix)
7 DJ Diego Rojas -    El Sabor (Original Mix)
8 DJ Diego Rojas-     Candara (Original Mix)
9 Joseph Gaex     Under Control (Original Mix)
10 DJ Diego Rojas-     Track Of Horn (Original Mix)
11 Drums House -    Funky Groove (Original Mix)
12 Jhon Dee -    Language Beat (Original Mix)
13 Koltech     Night Train (Original Mix)
14 Joseph Gaex -    Chiguin (Original Mix)
15 Nick Levi -    Chillout (Original Mix)
16 Noel Pirez     Purple Diamond (Original Mix)
17 Zubzero -    Feel That (Original Mix)
18 DJ Diego Rojas-     Boom (Original Mix)
19 Alessander Gelassi -    Radio Communication (Original Mix)
20 Tawata -    Moura (Original Mix)
21 Tony Stringer     Unkown Nights (Original Mix)
22 Tony Stringer -    Playing In Dark (Original Mix)
23 Alessander Gelassi -    La Tribu (Original Mix)

The Hardfloor 078 Bitch Im Back

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