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The Hardfloor 077 (Electro Fest)
Released June 2016
Format Dj Mix
Type Dj MIx
Added on Monday, 06 June 2016
Genre Electro
Length 1:10:15
Edition date 2016
Tags Dance


1 DJ Flore -    Remember (Carlos Russo Club Remix)
2 Ricardo Brooks -    Plastic
3 Ricardo Brooks -    Jack It
4 Sergio Bilous -    If I Could (Radio Edit)
5 Carlo Ratto -    Wonder
6 ChaosTrashTeam -    Let's Go
7 Milner -    Carry the Day
8 Carlo Ratto -    Dimension (Feat. Nathan Brumley & David Heat)
9 Rush & Hydro-     Revolt (Original Mix)
10 Party Thieves-     Come
11 Hack N Slash -    Bass
12 Hack N Slash -    Alive (Feat. Michelle Danese)
13 Twosidez -    In The Dark (Original Mix) (feat. Dhean Stevani)
14 Alex Frenz -    Jumpers (Original Mix)
15 Render At 92 -    Puzzle Clouds (Original Mix)
16 Gerva -    Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
17 Esteban David -    Miami (Original Mix)
18 Fred Charles -    Need to Know (David Heat & Hack N Slash Remix) [Feat. Frida Thelin]
19 DirtyJaxx-     Missile (Beat'ology Remix)
20 TNGT -    Midnight
21 Pjanoo -    Get Your Hands Up
22 Rudy Zensky-     Scarecrow (Original Mix)
23 Hack N Slash -    Space
24 Della -    Risen From Ruins (Original Mix)
25 Vince Pepper -    Pitch Black (Original Mix)
26 Brig -    Megalomania (Original Mix)

The Hardfloor 077 (Electro Fest)

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