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Steinberg Launches UR-RT Premium Audio Interfaces...

The creator of Cubase joins forces with legendary Neve. German company Steinberg, maker of DAW Cubase, has announced their new premium line of audio i...

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Hoobastank and their New Album Push Pull...

Producer/engineer Matt Wallace has known the members of Hoobastank since they signed their first record deal with Island in 2001. The band went with a...

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Apparently Megalodon and Leo Black have a thing for Beyonce, Yachty, and Kehlani. Or at least they want to mashup a new corpse Frankenstein thingy tha...

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The Hardfloor 065 (Hot fingers)
Released February 2015
Format Vinyl
Added on Sunday, 08 February 2015
Genre House
Length 1:52:16
Edition date 2015
Country United States
Label The Hardfloor
Catalog Number thf065
Edition details The Love Of House


1 Dj Liqid Touch - Hardfloor intro
2 Andrea Raffa - Bring It Down (Manuel De La Mare Edit)
3 Canard - Stop Goin On
4 Jason Chance & Kevin Andrews - Get You High
5 Simon Doty - Downtown
6 Osmyo - Awhana
7 Alex Raider - Machu Picchu (Original Sacred Mix)
8 Baly - Feel the Vibe
9 Massimo Russo- Locoromeo
10 Wise D & Kobe - We Rock the House
11 Peter Gelderblom & Randy Colle - Wonderland (Sax Mix)
12 Phunk Investigation - You Sing It Slow
13 Peter Brown- Let It Play
14 DJ PP - Around the World
15 Jochen Simms - You're Not Alone (Manuel De La Mare Vs Will Gold Remix)
16 Skinner & Braks- Animal
17 Kiesza - Hideaway (Arthur White Remix)
18 Kiesza - Hideaway (Medriik Bootleg)
19 Jack U feat. Kiesza -Take U There (Delirious & Alex K Bootleg)
20 Jack Ü - Take Ü There ft. Kiesza (Zakii Remix)
21 Duke Dumont -Won't Look Back (Fabian Baroud Remix)
22 Evgeny Bardyuzha ft. Leusin - Gleams (J-Soul Club Remix)
23 Sander van Doorn & Oliver Heldens - This
24 Tony Hammer - Breakthrough (Original Mix) [Sounds of Elysium]
25 Dj Liqid Touch - The Hardfloor Outro

The Hardfloor 065 (Hot fingers)

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