The Hardfloor 057 (Vocal Trance Passion)
Released November 2014
Format Vinyl
Added on Sunday, 16 November 2014
Genre Vocal Trance
Length 2:09:37
Edition date 2014
Country United States
Label The Hardfloor
Catalog Number thf057
Edition details Published by Antifmradio


On the toes and on the brink of a massive NYC Trance live broadcast event to take place on the 22nd, this show was the final episode before that weekend. Some really great vocal trance music and information about the event to take place. Some of these titles are familiar but these remixes were just released. The show wraps up with a special remix by Dj Liqid Touch on a track originally done by Above and Beyond

1     Dj Liqid Touch -    Hardfloor intro
2     Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston -    Alchemy (Extended Album Mix)
3     Rex Mundi -    All Time Low (Original Mix)
4     Karanda -    Infectious (Club Mix)
5     Alexander Zhakulin feat. Eva Kade -    Antigravity (Chris Forward Remix)
6     Alexander Popov & Kyler England -    My World feat. Kyler England (Original Mix)
7     Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B. -    Lullaby Lonely (meHiLove Remix)
8     Aruna -    Save the Day (Tom Fall Remix)
9     Albert Vorne -    Formentera What (Gareth Emery Remix)
10     Denise Rivera & Dark Matters -    Take Me Home (Sir Adrian Jibberdee Remix)
11     Andy Duguid feat. Shannon Hurley -    I Want to Believe (Original Mix)
12     Beat Service feat. Neev Kennedy     But I Did (Eximinds rMix)
13     Elles De Graaf -    Tears From The Moon (Las Salinas Extended)
14     C-Systems & Jo Micali feat. Hanna Finsen -    Love Is Strong (Estiva Remix)
15     Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz -    Nothing Without Me (Beat Service Remix)
16     Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin -    Fool For Life (Estiva Remix)
17     Christian Falero -    Chemistry
18     Alex O'Rion -    Tornado (Original Mix)
19     Ellie Lawson & Matt Bukovski     Breathe In Breathe Out (Original Mix)
20     Cathy Burton     Heaven (DNS Project Original Mix)
21     Betsie Larkin & Ferry Corsten     Stars (Roger Shah Pumpin' Island Remix)
22     tyDi feat. Kerli -    Glow In The Dark (Ryan Mendoza Remix)
23     Judge Jules -    Phenomenology (Club Mix)
24     Above And Beyond -    We got a thing called love (Liqid Touch Mashup)
25     Dj Liqid Touch -    The Hardfloor Outro

The Hardfloor 057 (Vocal Trance Passion)

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