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The Hardfloor 014 11-18-2012
Released November 2012
Format Vinyl
Added on Sunday, 18 November 2012
Genre Tech House
Length 1:40:00
Edition date November 2012
Country United States
Label Antifmradio.com
Catalog Number TheHardfloor014
Edition details Recorded live by Dj Liqid Touch on Antifmradio.com


1 Dj Liqid Touch - Hardfloor intro
2 Pandeo- "Sugarfree" (Yenk remix)
3 Wally Lopez/Rene Amesz/Peter Gelderblom -"Strike Me Down" (Ivan Pica & Oscar L Factomania 2008 remix)
4 SL Curtiz & Domovnik - "Ethamin" (Kid Shakers remix)
5 Serotonin Thieves - "Tribe" (My Digital Enemy remix)
6 Romano Alfieri & Luca Bear - All I Wanna Do (Original Mix)
7 Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello -Fuck! (Soulbeats Remix)
8 Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello - Fuck!
9 Voltereto -Zulu Nation
10 SL Curtiz, Domovnik- Timeline (Edy Valiant Remix)
11 DJ Ortzy, Nico Hamuy - Lose Control (feat. Alex Peace) [Original Mix]
12 Funky Truckerz - Work It (Original Mix)
13 Nat Civello- Just 4 U (Original Mix)
14 Alexei, Carlos Kinn - Free (feat. J.Lynn) [Original Mix]
15 Syn & Roc- Vocalicious (Juanito Aka John Aguilar Remix)
16 Jerry Ropero, Michael Simon- Ocean Drums (feat. Kathy Brown) [Ocean Drums Main Mix]
17 Adrian Hour - Shoot To Thrill (Original Club Mix)
18 Barnes & Heatcliff - Tauchstation (Club Mix)
19 Stefano Noferini- Fact (Original Mix)
20 JJ Mullor -Evalutioon (Chris Sammarco Remix)
21 Kaskade vs. Qulinez - Stars Troll (Extended)
22 Axwell - Feel the Vibe (Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero Remix)
23 Dj Liqid Touch - The Hardfloor Outro

The Hardfloor 014 11-18-2012

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