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What to do if Skrillex comes knocking at your door...

Skrillex knocks on your studio door and says he wants to collab, and you do what.... ...

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Skrillex and Boys Noize release entire stream fo...

Skrillex and Boys Noize and their mysterious Dog Blood project has just released the official full stream of their latest Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP after...

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Hoobastank and their New Album Push Pull...

Producer/engineer Matt Wallace has known the members of Hoobastank since they signed their first record deal with Island in 2001. The band went with a...

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02-24-16 Techno Tacos Part 1
Released February 2016
Format Dj Mix
Added on Monday, 28 March 2016
Genre Tech House
Edition date 2016
Tags Eletronic Ultra Music


Waddap y'all!!! I know it has been a month since Ricardo Montero & I banged out this Techno & Tech House showcase, but I was really hoping Ricardo could get the tracklist for his parts of the set. Unfortunately, his laptop crapped out on him a day after our show and he was not able to recover the history export file with all the tracks on it. So, I will not be posting my tracks or his tracks. It's going to be a surprise to your ears! I was also going to fix a few parts in the last hour where we are tag teaming the beats but the show is indeed LIVE so I kept the show exactly as it was, mistakes and all. It's a pretty badass show if I do say so myself. I hope y'all enjoy it!!!

02-24-16 Techno Tacos Part 1 Kncokturnal Emmissionz Live

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