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I'm not seeing a hard sell.  I'm seeing a hard sellout.  Are they just a copy / paste label now? ...

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05-07-14 Latin House Showcase Part 2
Released May 2014
Format Vinyl
Added on Saturday, 10 May 2014
Genre Progressive House
Length 1:31:00
Edition date 2014


05-07-14 Knockturnal Emmisionz Live - Latin House Showcase Part 2

Pablo D Rey Rio Dela Duna Mad Bob (Vida Loca Original Mix)
Jay C & The Beatthiefs - La Flauta (Dennis Van Der Geest Mix)
Hitch & Edgar Padilla - Negros Tus Cabellos (Fra'n'kie Remix)
Fashionation Feat. Barbaravidal - Caliente (Batida Club Mix)
Ugo Platana, Sonny Wharton - Carnavale Del Mondo
Righi And Dan - Havana Loca (Juan Magan And Marcos Rodriguez Rmx)
Rob Galliano - Spanish Hustle (Cabana Remix)
Magan & Rodriguez - Bora Bora (Extended Version)
Rafa Barrios - Junto Al Mar (Original Mix)
Dj Nick Corline - Orfeu (Original Mix)
Jose Delgado Feat. Kelly Pink - Essa Batucada 2013
Roger Slato - La Trompeta (Swing Mix)
Ricardo Reyna - Hasta Que Salga La Luna (Dave Ramone Mix)
Kubalibre - Quiero Bailar
Alejandro Herra And Tha Suspect - Pon Ronborobo (Juanpa Remix)
Cuba Club - Suavemente (Tv Dub Remix)
Simon Adams - Y La Danza No Para (The Cube Guys Mix)
Ruben Amaya - Zumba En Mi Casa
Pablo D'rey Feat. Ninico El Negro - Sambroso (Dub Mix)
Alexinus - Goose (Erista Remix)
Lego - El Ritmo Verdad (Franky Rizardo Remix)
Denis Naidanow & Juan Magan - Shuri Crazy (Original Mix)
Stefan Vilijn - Puesta Del Sol
Mc Ricardo - Trair A Minha Namorada (Hoje Eu Quero Trair) (Dj Bruno F Remix)
The Cube Guys - La Banda
DJ Nick Diablo & DJ Liqid Touch - Hotter Then Hell (How Do Ya Like My Guavamoose Soundwave? Outro)

05-07-14 Latin House Showcase Part 2 Knockturnal Emmisionz Live

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