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11-27-13 Techno Decks Part 2
Released November 2013
Format Vinyl
Added on Friday, 29 November 2013
Genre Tech House
Length 1:32:00
Edition date 2013


11/27/2013 Knockturnal Emmisionz Live - Techno Decks Part 2

Deep-D aka Dennis Tummers Ft. Patroklus - The Answer
Blawan - 6 To 6 Lick
Cro Magnon - Ballast (Saam Remix)
Abel Nesian - My Style        
Fabio Miotto, Florian Tyack - Distance
Marco Raineri - Crazy Sex
Progen One - Sex In Wonderland (Skoopman Remix)
Anascole - Cannibalizm
Astra Teck - After Effect (Da Productor Remix)
Kachu Mx - Alien Bubble
Jordan B - Scarecrow 
Javier Murillo & Sergio Pardo - Black
Adrian Hour - Speaking Groove (Original Mix)
Kriss Maxx - Kemistry
Cj Noks - Mind Collapsing (Krezo Remix)
Stev Burton - Mechanix
Joe Kolbohm - Split (Eri2 Remix)
DJ Nick Diablo - Hotter Then Hell (Outro)

11-27-13 Techno Decks Part 2 Knockturnal Emmisionz Live

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