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15 Sep

Is This The Future For Music Makers From Music Tech Fest 2016?

From a sequencer triggered by M&Ms to controlling music with our minds to another sequencer controlled by and projecting light, Music Tech Fest was packed with forward thinking tools for music makers. ...

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14 Aug

Wanna buy a Legendary little spot in IBIZA?

Electronic music's haven of Ibiza has experienced quite a year of change so far in 2016. Earlier this year, one of the biggest talking points was the impending closure of Space Ibiza, the iconic nightclub that sees its 27-year run come to an end as f...

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02 Jun

Tomorrowland will expand to two weekends in 2017

As if having Tomorrow Today for One Week isnt enough....... ok now my head hurts. Just #TakeMyMoney already! ...

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